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My name is Norm Ratcliffe, and I have been a collector of old license plates since 1980 when I was just a young lad of thirteen years old. I joined the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association (ALPCA) when I was fifteen. In 1992, I became a career law enforcement officer, and being the perpetual collector that I am, commenced collecting shoulder patches/insignia from different police agencies from North America and the world. Eventually I realized that I couldn't collect everything, so I blended my two hobbies into one and began collecting law enforcement license plates specifically.

I have been able to combine and present my love of cars (particularly old cars), history, geography and policing into one very enjoyable and challenging hobby. License plates of the State Police and Highway Patrol (SP/HP) of the USA are my main focus, however I have also showcased on this site, license plates from police agencies from around the globe. As you click on the insignia of the SP/HP agency you are searching, a lot of the textual information needs to be added to accompany the photos since this is a brand new site and still under construction. My goal is to provide a comprehensive and detailed page for each agency that is presented with the honor and esteem that each agency so richly deserves.

The majority of the pictures on this site are from my collection and my travels to various State Police/ Highway Patrol facilities throughout North America, but quite a bit are from friends, fellow hobbyists and professional colleagues who have helped me out to make this site a success with photographs and information. I have attempted to accurately credit contributed photos to the correct people, but if I have made any errors or omissions, please email me on the "button" and I will fix accordingly.


This website would not be possible without the help and immense talent of my good friend and fellow collector, Allan Cooper. He is the architect and web-master for this incredible site. "Coop" knew for some time that I was interested in creating a book on the subject of SP/HP license plates and planted the idea in my head to do one step better and create a website on the subject instead. The idea of a "living archive" for this unusual subject on the internet sounded better (and WAY cheaper) than having to publish an actual book, that may not have been in color, or as comprehensive due to space constraints related to costs. Not to mention the inability to add new information unless a second or third edition could be financed. This was an idea who's time had come.

Coop is a collector of SP/HP motorcycle license plates and all types of K-9 items.Many of the SP/HP motorcycle plates that you will see on this site are from his collection.

So, we invite you to enter, explore and most of all contribute to this site as it continues to grow. This site will only continue to be successful with YOUR help. I welcome photos (and plates of course!) from your collection or travels. Historical photos of plates on the patrol vehicles are my primary desire as it adds such good context to the plates shown.


It must be made clear from the get-go: The plates/photographs that you will see on this site were obtained LEGALLY. As a sworn law enforcement officer, I do not accept anything that has been obtained by theft or false pretense. These plates were retired, expired and in some cases never issued for active duty. I am a hobbyist/amateur historian plain and simple, so please bear this in mind before you make any offer to help me out or complain about content.

Now, c'mon in, and enjoy!